Success stories

Constructora y Pavimentadora VISE S.A. de C.V.

Client since 2008. This construction company builds : roads, bridges, public infrastructure, houses and condominiums.

The challenge

The company has to buy materials in the working locations and centralized. To assure that budget expenditure is controlled in quantities, amounts and material use, they implemented a manual process to follow up and authorize expenses and material purchase. The supervisors have the responsibility to measure progress on the work on site and evaluate material consumption. They have to authorize material purchases and take actions to maintain the budget in line. So, this supervisors arrive late at the office or not at all. And this would put pressure in the purchase process, skipping steps or not fully supervising as planned, because no one want's to stop the work for lack of materials.

The Results

  • A process linked to Navision® ERP was created to control purchase orders. At the same time the supervisors were equipped with BlackBerrys®.
  • Supervisors authorize purchases in an average time of 4 hours now. And have more time to fully supervise the work on progress.
  • eFlow delivers to the supervisors on their screens all relevant information to take a dessision : quantities, unit prices, unit prices in budget, over all budget left, location, total ammounts, materials ordered, etc.
  • If the purchase is out of range (in amounts or budget) is escalated to the management level to take the necessary actions to correct in time.
  • All this has helped this company to grow over 300% on sales, since the acquisition of eFlow.
  • Additionally, the IT department managed to create 30 processes inside eFlow, with only one person dedicated to the task, in 12 months.

Municipio de León

Client since 2004.

The challenge

Municipality administrations have only 3 years periods. The time is relatively short and this imposes serious challenges to the administration and IT departments to deliver results inside an institution that has a large size, complex processes and legal requirements to obey.
All the time the challenge and objective are the same, deliver services to the citizens.

The Results

  • This successful government client, managed to transform 80 manual processes into 24 electronic ones in e period of only 18 months.
  • All processes are linked to a "Content Management" server from IBM®, creating completely paperless processes.
  • Processes that had more than 40 days response time, went down to less than 7 days.
  • The waiting time of a citizen to be attended in their offices is 15 minutes average.
  • The construction companies begin their processes directly from their own offices.
  • When a citizen returns for the second time to begin a new request, they only have to present the additional information requested for that process or none if everything is up to date in the Content Management Server.

Agropecuaria Sanfandila S.A. de C.V.

Client since 2005.
This large agricultural company that produces : eggs, chicken, pork meet, etc. Controls the payment process from all their business units, through Each business unit is responsible to select the invoices to be payed, and the lists are controlled by rules that allow to include a payment depending on type of supplier, day of the week, day of the month, etc. All lists from the different business units are consolidated in one larger list, that then is concentrated to add up all payments that go to a same supplier. The list is one more time validated by the treasury department and authorized. Then a dispersion file is created with the correct lay out for the bank selected. The instructions are uploaded to the bank servers, the transfers are made, and the electronic statement are passed to the workflow to create a verification of the payments. Finally a transaction to update the status and payments in the ERP are executed. This process was originally linked to a full featured ERP. But the company decided to change their ERP solution for a simpler financial product to reduce costs. The links from the original were reprogrammed to connect and interact with the new solution. The result was that all the personel did not see any change in the process. separated the financial engine from the payment process.

The Results

  • ERP maintenance cost reductions from 30,000 USD a year to 1,000 a year.
  • The purchase and payments processes allows the CEO to be directly involved under certain conditions, without generating additional delays in payments. Even when he is traveling overseas.

IC Intracom S.A. de C.V.

Client since 2009.
Company dedicated to sell electronic and peripherals for computers. Their main strategy is to stay in close contact with their clients through periodic visits with their sales personel. So the processes to advance money to travel and the expenses presentation is of most importance. So this was the first control implemented with eFlow. With the development of the process they also managed to accumulate new data that was not possible to collect with their normal manual process, like : a relation of expenses vs visited clients. This allows them to create a direct cost assignment of every visit to clients and value the profitability of their visits strategy.

The Results

  • They have improved client visits efficiency and applying the budget to the must promising clients that can grow.
  • Quantify the net profit generated clients visited by measuring the expenses versus the growth in sales.
  • The time to enter the expenses in accounting was reduced to 48 hours. This allowed the company to pay less taxes.

Sakaiya de México S.A. de C.V.

Client since 2010.
Japanese company that produces dashboards for different automotive brands. The first process implemented was the ISO documentation control. Followed by the development of a process to control the production inventory and follow up of production orders for the manufacturing process of dashboards. The process controls correct raw materials used during the production process, control of equipment and supplies used during the same production process.