Developer's Membership

Advantages, Obligations and service comparison for registered developers

Services None Member Member
Programmers manual with advanced information about code and examples
Email support Community Company
Code snippets and libraries to easy your developments
Sales presentations
Written course to transfer know how to clients in 40 hours
Expected technical learning curve 1 to 3 months 20 to 40 hours
Contacs to potential clients 1
Hiring or pass deals on projects 1
Commission 20%
Sale enterprise memberships No Required

  1. Based on commitment to the project and expertise.

This is a one time and lifetime registration.

The fee is very economical: 200 USD. This covers the needs to keep our site running, the value of your time to shorten your learning curve and receive the tools that will help you succeed.

What do you gain when you become a member?

  1. Knowledge and materials to drive revenues to your pocket.
    1. The written course is a well documented and tested course that will let you transfer know how to companies in only 40 hours.
    2. Sale materials, like presentations, give you an edge when it comes to convince clients to invest in this solution. You do not have to rediscover what it has taken us years to learn, about sales.
  2. Shorten your own learning curve, to begin earning money soon.
  3. Commissions. Sale one project and you will recover your full investment and have a very well earned profit.
  4. Support. We know that the first implementation will be the hardest one, and you want to feel assure that you will not burn your reputation. We do not want that either !.
    1. You'll have direct access to us.
    2. You get code we have used and know is useful to you.