If you are a developer that wants to expand your potential to solve complex enterprise solutions. is a solution and working environment by itself that lets you create automated processes for very complicated administration workflows.

The main advantages you get by using are :

  1. An incredible short learning curve.
    1. Is developed under perl. An easy to learn, popular well documented language.
    2. Our development philosophy is to create a product that has 20% of code that solves 80% of the workflow needs on any company.
    3. Less code is shorter time for you to understand and master the product.
    4. The whole product has an implicit model that was designed to easy the process to translate a real working process into a computer model.
    5. If you do not have previous experience with perl your expected learning time will be 40 hours, if you know perl the expected learning time is 20 hours.
  2. A competitive product.
    1. No half offers. You get the engine and designer. Others offer you to get the engine for free but buy the designer. You get the designer for free but you don't get the engine.
    2. has no hidden or high indirect costs associated. Which means, a better price to compete. And more margin for your services.
  3. Very high accessibility. Our solution is complete web based. So you do not need to have a super special computer to start working. You can connect and create, support, modify, all the workflow and access the designer from any normal computer. No special runtime environments, additional product installations, etc. With any web browser like Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Sea Monkey and even Internet Explorer. On any platform : Linux, Unix, Mac, and yes, even Windows. This means that you can develop and give support at any time to any client you have.
  4. Shorten your solutions delivery time with our courses and create a stronger bounding with your clients.
  5. Courses to learn will drive you revenue dedicating 40 hours. This revenue is completely up to you. And we are not considering development or any other services you could give to your clients. *

What do you need to accomplish good results.

  1. Technical knowledge
    1. HTML
    2. Javascript
    3. CSS
    4. Perl
    5. SQL
  2. Sales *
    1. Strategy: know your clients, the market, approach.
    2. Materials.
    3. Image
  3. Support *
    1. Well elaborated and documented course to train your clients
    2. Well documented manuals to create your first implementations
    3. Information to shorten your learning curve. Tips, working code, libraries.

* We provide these with our developer's membership