IT Departments

The must important objective of any IT department is to deliver results. When you consider into your development strategy you guarantee yourself a road in that direction.

There are many workflow solutions out there. Expensive and less expensive. But offers an incredible pack of advantages for you to consider. offers :

  1. An incredibly short learning curve.
    1. Is developed under perl. An easy to learn, popular well documented language.
    2. Our development philosophy is to create a product that has 20% of code that solves 80% of the workflow needs on any company. You will adjust the product very easily to accommodate the other 20% of your needs.
    3. Less code is shorter time to understand and master.
    4. The whole product has an implicit model that was designed to easy the process to translate a real working process into a computer model.
  2. Very low cost of acquisition.
    1. As part of our development philosophy we want to create a product that can be easily learned, so you can move at the speed you want and can, not ours. This saves time, which translate into lower costs.
    2. No half offers. You get the engine and workflow designer. Others offer you to get the engine for free but buy the designer. You get the designer for free but you don't get the engine.
    3. No indirect or hidden costs. Having to upgrade operating systems, LAN bandwidth, acquisition of additional products or licenses, etc. End users can access from an equipment with Windows 3.11 and Internet Explorer 5 or above, and work very well with low bandwidths like modem connections.
  3. Very high accessibility. Our solution is completely web based. So you do not need to have any special computer to start working with You can connect to create, support, modify, all the workflow and access the designer from any normal computer. No special runtime environments, additional product installations, etc. With any web browser like Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Sea Monkey and even Internet Explorer. On any platform : Linux, Unix, Mac, and yes, even Windows.

When looking for a solution in the market, do we ever consider the design philosophy behind a product?. Normally no, because very few tells you, and if the product is closed then their only philosophy is “make money from you”.

Well let's explain design and project philosophy.

  1. Pareto is our guide. We believe that 20% of the code in the existing solutions solves 80% of the problem they faced when programmed. The other 80% is to satisfy and incredible amount of requests. This leads to software that turns bulk, slow and happens to complicate understanding and its maintenance. Finally making it expensive. If you don't believe us, consider any word processing application: we use typing, bolds, tabs and tables perhaps more than 90% through a daily document. Spreadsheets : rows and columns of numbers, additions, subtractions and multiplications, plot a graph and then it goes. With most presentation software we can easily create professional presentations with plain text and and good quality images mixed.
  2. Speed. To achieve speed code has to be small, sacrifice whistles and flashlights. So eFlow.MX is austere, results oriented and efficient.
  3. Zero dependency. If you buy a solution, you do not want to be stranded by the manufacturer, or move at the speed they can keep up with you. We deliver that, through open source and a simple easy to learn product.
  4. Short learning curve. The main reason why any one would buy a software solution is to lower learning and developing curves, to finally deliver results for the organization in the shortest time possible. All the points in our developing philosophy leads into this direction.

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