Control of company human interaction has become increasingly important. Managers spend more time outside the office, to: supervise work and quality, working meetings, travel overseas to close deals or create new strategic contacts.

Never the less the daily activities to control the business can not be left forgotten. Most of this daily activities have to be synchronized and ordered; in a way that guaranties that the right choices were made, even when we are not there in person to take the decision. offers you this freedom by letting you access the workflow application with full power from any computer connected to the Internet, or by letting you access the workflow to update your pending activities from a mobile device.

What benefits can a workflow solution bring to your organization?

  1. The opportunity to translate any working process you have into an electronic automated one.
  2. Free you and your personnel from lost or forgotten work.
  3. Faster response times and measurement of any process.
  4. Integration of separate systems into one single flow of electronic and human events.
  5. Relax knowing that the business rules are followed in every case.
  6. Implement solutions for which there are not specific ones available in the market.

The key factors that your company has to take in account at the moment to consider a workflow solution are :

  1. Short learning curve of the solution. Some solutions rely on technologies that can make your IT Department enter into a 1 year learning curve. That means that you will wait for months before you see results.
  2. How much I'm willing to spend on a project like workflows., offers you an incredible opportunity to enter at the lowest cost possible with it's open source edition.
  3. Support to implement. We have a proven experience, so we can guide you to get the shortest path to success. The same happens with any of our developer members.

Now, you do not want to feel left alone?, We don't want that either, so consider our services included with the Enterpriser membership.