Enterprise Membership

Version comparison of the product and services between the Open Source project and the Enterprise Membership.

Product / Services Open Source Enterprise
Full working workflow engine
Full workflow Designer
Installer Done by hand
Product update (security and enhancements) 3 1-3 months cycle Daily
Email Support 1 Community Company
SSH remote support 2
iPad®, iPhone®, BlackBerry® or other mobile access
Access to predefined process repositories
Export and Import processes
Programmers manual with advanced information about code and examples
Create in-line process documentation to support ISO
Code snippets and libraries to easy your developments
Discount on out sourcing services
My first process follow up

Enterprise membership pricing.

  1. 48 hours response time.
  2. For installation and setup. Does not include coding, disaster recovery, etc.
  3. Available in 1 year periods. Security updates are released as soon as they are fixed and enhancements as tested. But your server will update daily.